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It helps me to relax and when a song comes on the radio it always are new songs or old ones that used to be popular. They bring back old memories. Grade 5

Gaming is a big thing to me and when I play I listen to music so music is a big thing to me. Grade 5

I get to enjoy it with other people, whether it’s a concert, or on the radio. Grade 5

Music is important to me because it inspires me. Grade 5

It helps to sooth my anger if I am very angry. Grade 5

It always brings joy to me when I’m sad. It can be soothing, happy, or even exciting. It always inspires me in life too. Grade 5

My friends can be around me. Kindergarten

I like singing all the time. Kindergarten

It sounds so beautiful. Kindergarten

I like music because it’s beautiful. It makes me feel like I’m on wings! Grade 2

I like to watch music videos on You Tube. Grade 2

When you’re bored, you can listen to it and it takes your mind off of anything. Grade 2

You can make your own music. Some is higher and lower and I think it’s interesting there can be different kinds. Grade 1

I went to a concert once and got to go on stage! Grade 1

When I grow up, I want to play the violin. Grade 1

I like music because some people are awesome singers. Kindergarten

It’s healthy for you and you can listen anywhere. Kindergarten

It helps your heart. Kindergarten

It makes riding in a car more fun. Grade 2

It lets out my feelings. Grade 2

I like playing music games and I like making my own music. Grade 1

It’s my special thing and because it’s fun. Grade 1

I get to learn lessons on guitar at my house. Grade 1

When you sing, your heart beats to the music and it’s really awesome that your heart can do that. Grade 1

It makes me feel happy and freeGrade 4

We learn about different music pieces from different cultures and it’s cool learning about different types of music. Grade 4

When I’m feeling down, I listen to music and I feel better. Grade 4

It expresses how people feel in music but if music were gone, the world would not be happy. Grade 4

It teaches culture, language, and the essence of musical arts. Without any music, the world would be one boring place. Grade 4

Music is important to me because when I hear a song I like, it lights up my day. Grade 4

There are all different kinds of people working together to make music. Grade 2

It allows you to express your feelings to the whole world, or just to family and friends. Grade 2

There are a bunch of different songs, happy, sad and more.  When you are sad or scared you can always find a song to make you happy. 5th 

Because it helps me learn how to sing - 5th

Because there are a lot of songs to sing and we get to sing in concerts.  5th 

Music is a safe place to me. When I'm upset I can listen to music and it calms me down.  5th 

Music is important to me because you can express yourself with music. It helps me because sometimes I'm shy.  4th 

Because music is fun! 4th 

Music is the way I express myself.  4th 

It has always been my dream to sing!  4th 

Music is fun and it makes my happy!  Its amazing.  4th 

It lets me sing and express myself. This is why music is important to me. 5th 

I am creative through singing and it shows how much I love it.  5th 

It makes me happy.  4th 

When I grow up I want to do E.D.M. Electronic DJ Music.  4th 

It helps me to focus on my future.  I would like to be a music teacher when I grow up.  5th 

I get to use differnet instruments and express my feelings through music.  5th 

Its important because it can get me calm when I am mad.  5th 

It brings my feelings out and I get to learn more songs.  5th 

I enjoy singing and playing my saxophone it is fun.  Music is important.  5th 


What Music Means to Torrington Students

Music is important to me because: music gives me passion and hope. SW 3
Music is important to me because: it brings me joy and is a challenge. I love testing my limits to go over and beyond. SW 4

Music is important to me because: music is a gateway to somebody’s imagination. A single song can bring people together. Life would be empty without this music. Music is important in life. SW 5
Music is important to me because: it has passed in my family for eternities. I am the first generation girl in my family to play piano. Music is everywhere and you have to enjoy it! SW 3
Music is important to me because: music has a better connection to humans than words do alone. Music can change the world one step at a time. SW 5
Music is important to me because: it is fun and we learn a lot of things like time signatures. Also, music is important because you get to play fun games. SW 4
Music is important to me because: it makes me feel alive and focused. It makes me feel passionate and like I am the best person in the world. SW 5
Music is important to me because: it makes me feel relaxed on a Monday. SW 4

In honor of the Torrington Public Schools receiving the national designation of 2018 Best Comunities for Music Education in America.  The students of the Torrington Public Schools were asked "What Music Means to them"  

I love to sing. I can express myself I can be myself. You make new friends becasue of it. Its very unique. - F 5

Its my passion. I love to sing. It allows me to express my feelings more.  Without music I would be a huge mess.  When you sing it feels almost if nobody can judge you. 5th 

I can just be myself.  I love to sing and learning new songs.  I also enjoy singing in the concerts.  5th

My favorite song is banana. It also makes my Mom, Dad and Pop proud and I want to make them proud of me - 5th