The Pride of Torrington  

Assignment # 1 Your Favorite Song - Why do you like it?
Wednesday September 6 - Friday September 8
Assignment # 2  Audio Review 
Assignment # 3 Garageband Review 
Assignment # 4 Commercials

Create a 24 measure composition that includes the following:

At least 15 tracks
5 of the 15 must be original (no loops)

Must show volume and pan
Must Quantize

Due end of class  Wednesday Sept 13, 2017

MP3 of Assignment must be uploaded to Music Tech II Google Drive


                   Save File as GB3 and your initials


Click above to complete the Audio Review Assignment

Need help with the Garageband App? 

Review of Garageband
Basic Automation, MIDI Recording, Audio Recording, USB Microphone or Cell Phones & Loops

Complete the Music Tech II Survey
Setting up Music Tech Google Drive
Downloading Google Drive App
Downloading Garageband App (Optional)
Introdution to Logic Pro X 

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Music Technology II is an advanced level class.  
You will be required to work independently and have time management skills with each project.

Topics will include but not limited to:

Garageband/Logic Review, Audio Engineering Basics, Composition, Podcasting
Film Scoring, Live Performing using Technology: iRig, JamHub,etc


How is Music Technology II different from Music Technology I?
More emphasis on independent work, projects are more in depth, there will be required readings, Youtube summaries and listening assignments. 


Music Technology II at Torrington High School 

Export assignments as MP3 

1. Go to Share
2. Select Export song to disk
3 Name file, select desktop and MP3

4. Click on Export

5. MP3 file will appear on desktop


In Google How do I ? 

Access the Music Technology Google Drive
1. Log in
2. Click on Grid in upper right hand corner
3. Click on Drive icon

4. Click Shared with me. 
5. Select your Music Tech Period


Access Google Drive on my device
1. Go your device's app store
2. Download Google Drive App 
3. Log into App.

4. Access your Music Tech Period. 
ALL your files can be accessed on your device


Export movie as MP4

1. Go to file
2. Click Movie
3. Click Export Audio to Movie
4. Save


In Garageband how do I?
All completed assignments must be uploaded into the Google Drive.  
You will receive a "0" for assignments not uploaded into the Google Drive. 



  • Grab the listener's attention in the first 3-5 seconds
  • Remember your target audience
  • Practice your script
  • Check recording levels




Create a 45 second commercial on the topic of your choice.

What is your target audience?
Product, Service, Concert Promotion, etc. 

Create an original script
Create a music bed 
Who, What, When, Where and Why? 

Record on your devices or USB Microphone into the computer 



                   Save File as GB4 and your initials



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