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Music Technology I Assignments 

In Music Technology I you will be required to work independently and have time management skills with each project.

Topics include but not limited to:

Basics of a Sound System, Audio Effects, MIDI Sequencing, Audio Sequencing
Composing, Arranging , Podcasting, Remixing, Film Scoring & Live Performance using Technology,


Week of January 23, 2023

Welcome to Music Technology I 

This is an introductory course where you will explore many concepts in creating music using technology. 
This class is project based which means you must be able to have time management skills while working on your projects. 


You will be using Soundtrap Digital Audio Workstation as your main application for this class.  You will have your own account and will be able to access Soundtrap on ANY device!   


You will need headphones for this class.  Earbuds or Bluetooth headphones will be fine. 
You MUST use the computers in the lab.  Your chromebooks will be limited at times with Soundtrap 


Google Classroom and this website will be used for all class assignments and materials


What you will learn in this class

Sound System Basics
Audio Effects
Soundtrap Digital Audio Workstation

Music Production Basics
Film Scoring


Add tracks

Add Loops 
Create Loop Favorites
Cut Loops
Split Loop Regions
Join Loop Regions 
Add Automation - Pan, Sweep & Volume


Time Stretching and Compressing

Introduction to Audio Effects






THS Music has formed a partnership with Red Room Sound Studios & The Outlet For The Arts both in Torrington  to provide THS Music technology students opportunities to learn about a career pathway into the music industry.

Week of January 23, 2023

Soundtrap Assignment # 1

Create a 1:00 minute song 
Must show volume pan and sweep
Must use at least one audio effect
Import one MP3 (Convert from Youtube)
10 tracks or more.

Week of February 6, 2023

Soundtrap Basics. 
You should be able to do the following 
Loops, Automation, Audio Effects and Time Stretching


Introduction to Sampling


Sampling Question


Soundtrap Assignment # 2 - In Google Classroom

In this file are 8 tracks already selected for you. 
You must use the selected 8 tracks
You can add up to 5 of your own (Loops, Youtube converted, etc) 

File must include:
Pan, Volume & Sweep
1:00 minute in length or longer
One Audio Effect
Must use Time Stretch Function at least once

Week of April 17, 2023

Week of May 1, 2023

A chord progression is a series of chords played in a sequence

Week of April 10, 2023

Next Assignment Your Choice 
Podcast # 2
Select an issue that affects students at THS 
The 2023 Grammy Awards established a new category for Video Game Music.
How does music enhance a video game's playability". Create a podcast that discusses video game music and how does it enhance a video game's playability? 

Criteria for both assignments 
Length: 5-10 minutes in length
Drops: Must include drops that enhance the topic of the podcast
Audio Quality: Will be listening to enhanced audio quality using the Vocaster Podcast Kit
Flow:  Your podcast must have a natural flow to it. I.E. not off the top of your head but planned out with an outline
Due date: Thursday, April 6, 2023 - The day before April Break

Week of February 13, 2023

Soundtrap Assignment # 3 - Media Mash Up 


Week of March 28, 2023

The I-V-vi-IV progression is a common chord progression popular across several genres of music

Tuesday May 2, 2023

We will listen to the scenes below in class. 

Composing Horror! 

In this assignment, you are going to compose three mini-assignments in one file. 

Notes are played using the piano keyboard in Soundtrap. 
Click the Play The Synth button in the center of the screen
You are not using loops

Due Friday May 5, 11:59pm in Soundtrap
Make sure you share your file with me

Track # 1 Using one note only you are to compose a 10-second scary note suitable for a horror movie. 
One note (low) held or played in a rhythmic pattern for 10 seconds
Your choice of sound 
Must add volume, pan, and sweep automation
Must add at least one audio effect.

Track # 2 Using two notes you are to compose a 10-second horror sound
Notes can be held or played in a rhythmic pattern for 10 seconds.  
Your choice of sound 
Must add volume, pan, and sweep automation 
Must add at least one audio effect.

Track # 3 Using three notes you are to compose a 10-second horror sound. 
Notes can be held or played in a rhythmic pattern for 10 seconds.  
Your choice of sound 
Must add volume, pan, and sweep automation 
Must add at least one audio effect.

Wednesday May 3, 2023

Week of May 8, 2023

How music changes the mood of a movie. 

You are going to create three recut movie trailers. 


Convert three movie trailers of your choice from Youtube to MP4. 

Using Garageband (Macbook Laptops) or Canva (Chromebooks or Dell) import your video file 
Delete the audio track from your video file

Add any song file you wish that will change the mood of your trailer
Ex: Your trailer is an action movie, add a slower song. 

Experiment, if it doesn't work try another one! 


Week of May 15, 2023 "The Art of Foley" 

FOLEY # 1 
In this assignment, you will be creating Sound Effects from scratch just like a Foley Artist.

1. Find one item (props) and explore ways to make different sounds with them. 

2. Explore ways to record your items into SOUNDTRAP using your laptop microphone 

3. Record the sound from that one item into SOUNDTRAP. 

4. Make a backup copy of the sound and DON'T TOUCH THE ORIGINAL 

5. Using the copy of the sound, manipulate it into a new sound using audio effects, editing skills, etc.
6. What type of movie would your new sound effect be used in? What type of action, or scene? 

7. Make two more new different sounds from the same backup copy.** 

8. Save each new sound in one file but on separate tracks in SOUNDTRAP
Save as "Foley Effects, last name" 

Please list the items you recorded and what you did to alter the sound. 




Find one item to record into Soundtrap 
Make a copy of that track 
Freeze your original track.
Change it by using volume, pan, sweep, editing functions, and audio effects. 


Record your voice! 
Make a copy of that track
Freeze your original vocal track
Change it by using volume, pan, sweep, editing functions, and audio effects.  

Your file should look like this. 
Track 1 - Horror Raw recording
Track 2 - Horror recording changed
Track 3 - Vocal Raw recording
Track 4 - Vocal recording changed

Your changed tracks MUST include
1. Volume
2. Pan
3. Sweep
4. At least one Audio Effect
5. At least one (or more) of the following: 
Cut, Copy & Paste, Reverse, Pitch Change, Time Stretch, and/or Compression