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Sound System Test 
Drum Tracks/Quantinzing
Chord Tree
Garageband Checklist
Remix Analysis
Click here for Remix Analysis Assignment
Remix Assignment # 2

Today we will be listening to three remixes and analyzing what makes them different from the original.

Click on the Remix Analysis Assignment Link to the right.

We're going to go over the three elements of music: melody, harmony, and rhythm. How are they changed and manipulated to create a remix?

What do you hear?


Remix – A version of a musical recording that is different than the original

What can you change to make it a remix?

Listen to Daft Punk original recording

Listen to Daft Punk Remix

1. What was different?

a. Melody, harmony, rhythm, beat, style, more instruments, less instruments, etc.

2. Where do you start?

a. Figure out a beat

b. Experiment from there

Now it’s your turn!

1. Take the Hot Cross Buns recording in the Google Drive Folder and remix it

a. Must have at least 5 tracks including a drum track

b. Must be 1:00 – 2:00 minutes in length

c. Have fun and be creative!

Listen to remixes of Daft Punk

You should be able to do the following in Garageband


This week you will continue working in Garageband exploring drum tracks 

New Topics this week will include: Quantizing, Cut, Copy, Paste, Volume & Pan Automation

Go online and listen to the various TV, movie or historical speeches.
Make a new speech by taking words or phrases from the various speeches.
Clips you use cannot be longer than 10-15 seconds each
Flie Length 3:00 minutes or longer
Export final product as an MP3 




You are going to make your own RingtoneWhat is the purpose of a ringtone? 

20 Seconds in length. Exactly, no more, no less.Music Contain at least 5 tracks - as many as you want
Must show volume and pan changes

This assignment can be exported as an MP3 and downloaded to your phone


To Export: - Go to SHARE then EXPORT SONG TO DISK. Select MP3 on bottom of window, select Desktop and click EXPORT. 

Software (Green) & Audio (Blue) Tracks
Add and delete tracks
Select a MIDI Patch (Instrument) for a track
Record on a Software Track
Add Loops to a track
Split and Re Join.
Add Volume and Pan Automation
Add Reverb and other Audio Effects 



If you need this website translated 

Click above button for Sound System Test. 
After the test continue in Garageband

In Music Technology I you will be required to work independently and have time management skills with each project.

Topics include but not limited to:

Basics of a Sound System, Audio Effects, Garageband - Desktop and iOS, MIDI Sequencing, Audio Sequencing
Composing, Arranging , Podcasting, Remixing, Film Scoring & Live Performance using Technology (if time allows)

Week One

Introduction to Music Technology I 

In this class you will cover the following topics but not limited to:

Basics of a Sound System
Audio Effects

Garageband - Desktop and iOS

MIDI Sequencing

Audio Sequencing



Film Scoring

What you will need for this class.


You will need to provide your own headphones.
Google Accounts (Gmail) 
Network Folder Access - smb://torrfs01

Devices (Optional)
Google Drive downloaded on device (Optional)
Recording Apps on your device (Optional)


Music Technology is a project based class that will require independent work and time management skills.


Nothing in this class is hard!  
It is just different from what you have done before. 

Music Technology I Assignments 

Are you using the Garageband App?

Export assignments as MP3 

1. Go to Share
2. Select Export song to disk
3 Name file, select desktop and MP3

4. Click on Export

5. MP3 file will appear on desktop



In Google How do I ? 

Access the Music Technology Google Drive
1. Log in
2. Click on Grid in upper right hand corner
3. Click on Drive icon

4. Click Shared with me. 
5. Select your Music Tech Period


Access Google Drive on my device
1. Go your device's app store
2. Download Google Drive App 
3. Log into App.

4. Access your Music Tech Period. 
ALL your files can be accessed on your device


Export movie as MP4

1. Go to file
2. Click Movie
3. Click Export Audio to Movie
4. Save


In Garageband how do I?
All completed assignments must be uploaded into the Google Drive.  
You will receive a "0" for assignments not uploaded into the Google Drive. 

Today we will learn about stems!

What is a stem? Why do we use stems?

Go in the Network Folder, open the folder named "Remix 2".

Pick one of the four stems available and remix it.


Use what you listened to yesterday to brainstorm ideas for your remix. What did you like about the remixes? What didn't you like? What was effective?


Your project must be:

At least 5 tracks, including the stem and a drum track.

        You may use loops and/or originally recorded tracks.

        No imported MP3s other than the stem.

Length of file - As long as the stem you choose.

Creative - Use what you've learned in previous classes to make it your own.