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Music Apps to use in class
What makes good music?
Sound System Test
Drum Track Assignment
Ringtone Assignment
Your Choice

Click headphones to listen to Nokia Ringtone Remixes. 




Ringtone Assignment Due - Thursday Sept 20

In this assignment you will be creating a 2:30 (2 minute and 30 seconds) song.  It is called "Your Choice" because if you want to make a Rap Song, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Jazz, etc - Its Your Choice! Want to switch from one genre to another during the 2:30 its Your Choice! 

Be creative and have fun!  
You will have until end of class Monday October 1 to complete this assignment.



At least 15 music tracks - 5 of the 15 must be originally recorded by you using Software Tracks and Keyboard/Device.

You must show volume and pan changes. 

Sound Effects do NOT count towards the 15 music tracks.  These are in addition to and you are welcome to use as you see fit. 

Listen to the past projects on the MP3 player


Helpful Hints

Keep it interesting!  Change something every 8 beats

Use A-B-A Form
Edit loops to create your own! 

Hand your headphones to the person next to you and listen.

Feel free to experiment! Try something outside your musical comfort zone!  

Use the composition techniques from 


Save File as: YOUR CHOICE and your initials. 

How to Keep It Interesting! 

Elements of Music 
Melody - Harmony - Rhythm 


Change Automation

Volume & Pan


Play with Audio Effects
Time Based and Gain Based


Change feel or style
Hip-Hop to Rock
Country to Jazz
Rock to ???


Be Creative
Think outside your musical comfort zone! 




Garageband Checklist

After today you should be able to do the following in Garageband:

What factors go into your tastes in music?
Do you think your tastes in music can change?

Musical Layers - Can you hear them?


Helpful Hints 
Practice, Practice, Practice before recording

Use metronome - click track
Record Slow.........then playback Fast! 
Take your time!  Don't get frustrated 



You can use your device to complete this assignment

Create a 20 second Ringtone in Garageband

Must have a Drum Track - Originally recorded

Use Arpeggiator.....Trust me you will love it 
Unlimited tracks

Must show volume and pan automation
Must Quantize 

Torrington High School Ringtone Contest

Use the Nokia Ringtone melody to create your own ringtone. 
Students will vote on the best ringtones.
Winners will be posted on our website for everyone to download



Software Tracks
Add and delete tracks
Select a MIDI Patch (Instrument) for a track
Record on a Software Track
Cut, Copy & Paste
Split and Re Join
Volume and Pan Envelope Changes 

If you need this website translated 


Create an 8 measure Drum Beat

Must have Bass Drum, Snare Drum & Cymbals

Record each sound on own track 

Additional Percussion welcome

Must Quantize Must show volume and pan changes
Must show use of reverb


In Music Technology I you will be required to work independently and have time management skills with each project.

Topics include but not limited to:

Basics of a Sound System, Audio Effects, Garageband - Desktop and iOS, MIDI Sequencing, Audio Sequencing
Composing, Arranging , Podcasting, Remixing, Film Scoring & Live Performance using Technology (if time allows)

Week One

Introduction to Music Technology I 

In this class you will cover the following topics but not limited to:

Basics of a Sound System
Audio Effects

Garageband - Desktop and iOS

MIDI Sequencing

Audio Sequencing



Film Scoring

What you will need for this class.


You will need to provide your own headphones.
Google Accounts (Gmail) 
Network Folder Access - smb://torrfs01

Devices (Optional)
Google Drive downloaded on device (Optional)
Recording Apps on your device (Optional)


Music Technology is a project based class that will require independent work and time management skills.


Nothing in this class is hard!  
It is just different from what you have done before. 

In this assignment you will be creating leitmotifs.  A leitmotif  a recurrent theme throughout a musical or literary composition, associated with a particular person, idea, or situation.

Music Technology I Assignments 

Are you using the Garageband App?

Export assignments as MP3 

1. Go to Share
2. Select Export song to disk
3 Name file, select desktop and MP3

4. Click on Export

5. MP3 file will appear on desktop



In Google How do I ? 

Access the Music Technology Google Drive
1. Log in
2. Click on Grid in upper right hand corner
3. Click on Drive icon

4. Click Shared with me. 
5. Select your Music Tech Period


Access Google Drive on my device
1. Go your device's app store
2. Download Google Drive App 
3. Log into App.

4. Access your Music Tech Period. 
ALL your files can be accessed on your device


Export movie as MP4

1. Go to file
2. Click Movie
3. Click Export Audio to Movie
4. Save


In Garageband how do I?
All completed assignments must be uploaded into the Google Drive.  
You will receive a "0" for assignments not uploaded into the Google Drive.