The Pride of Torrington  

GB # 8 Sound Effects Story
Does Music "Move You"?
GB #5 Remixing with Stems
Recut Movie Trailer Assignment
Film Scoring Listening Assignment # 1 
Click Here for GB # 5 Mid-Point Assessment
GB #7  Podcast/Radio Show
GB #4 Mashups
GB #6 Remixing with Stems
GB #2  "Your Choice"
Example of what you can make with loops in Garageband
GB #3 Speeches
Assignment # 1 Ringtone
What you should be able to do in Garageband
Click here for video
Assignment # 2 Composing Techniques
Find this in the upper right hand corner of Garageband.  Click Loops Icon 
Loops Menu will appear.  In this menu you can select the catagory of loops to explore 
Loops available from each catagory will appear below.  Single click to preview.  Click and drag into your project to use. 
There will be blue (audio) and green (MIDI) loops to choose from
Editing - Split -Re Joining
Volume Automation

FIRST - you must understand the structure of a Podcast/RadioShow.  You must find a Podcast/Radio Show online to listen to.
Click on here PODCAST REVIEW after listening to the show you selected .   

I suggest you select a Podcast/Radio Show that has the same topic you will select for your assignment.  If you want to do a sports show - listen to a sports podcast, Music - listen to a music podcast, etc.  


As you are listening I want to you to listen more for structure than content.  Meaning how is it put together more than the topic being discussed/reviewed, etc.

Assignment # 7 Podcast/Radio Show

You can work with someone else for this assignment - No more than 2 people per group


Length:  2:00-3:00 minutes in length. 

You must come up with the script, structure, etc 

You must record your script

Must have introduction with music
Must have ending with music


Recording your script

1. In class using Garageband and USB Microphone
2. Voice Memos, Garageband or other audio recording app on your device.


Putting it all together
1. Garageband

2. Garageband App on your device


SAVE File as GB 7 (Your initials)
Final MP3 of GB 7 must be uploaded to Music Technology Google Drive

Can you guess the stories below? 

Assignment Timeline

In this assignment you are going to “tell” a story using sound effects and music.

Sound Effects Story Assessment - link will be active next week. 

Story - 6-8 paragraphs long
Music - at least 10 tracks 3 of the 10 must be recorded by you. No prerecorded songs. 
Length: 1:00 minute to 2:00 minutes long 

Step One – Finding a Story
Option 1 – You can find a story/poem online. material from English class, etc.

Option 2 – You can write your own story.

Step Two – Finding Words

Go through your story/poem and make a list of words that you will need to find sound effects for.
For example:
As the storm was howling I drove down the road as fast as I could. The sound of the storm was like a freight train in the night.

Which words would you enhance with sound effects?

Step Three – Finding Sound Effects

1. In Garageband find the FX sounds.

Step Four – “Telling the Story”
Using the sound effects you found for your story/poem “Tell” your story. Sound effects must be placed in Garageband in the order found in your story. Leave space in between each sound effect to enhance the telling of the story.

Step Five – Music

Using the loops in Garageband create music that will enhance your story.
What kind of music would you create for a horror story? SCI FI?, etc The music is to enhance the story and not overpower.
Save as: GB11 (Your initials)

For examples of past projects go to the MP3 player and listen to tracks


Stems is a new format for music. Stems redefines creative live performance. AStem file is an open, multi-channel audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements –bass, drums, vocals, and melody for example.

Criteria for Assignment # 5 

Length: 2:00-2:30
Loops and/or Stems from Google Drive
Must have 2-3 tracks of original material that you record

Have fun and be creative! 

Listen to remixes of Daft Punk
Listen to examples from last semester

These examples are in progress and not completed yet. 

What are Stems? 

The audio file above is the vocal stem from Daft Punk.  You will make a remix of this using the vocal stem in the Music Tech Google Drive.

For this assignment you can use any stems you find in the Music Tech Google Drive "STEMS" folder.  
Criteria for Assignment # 6 
At least 10 tracks (Yes, going over is OK)  - One stem per track only!
At least 2:30 in length - Yes, going over is OK
Use ONLY stems.  NO Loops, NO Recording from the Keyboard.
You can also search for stems on Youtube - search using the words "Song Stems",  "Remixing Stems"
Have fun, be creative, experiment!  Break out of your musical comfort zone! 
Save file as GB6 and your initials. 

A Mashup is simply taking two songs and playing them at the same time. Pick songs that are close in tempo and see if they work!
Have fun and be creative. You never know what might work!

Find an acapella version of your favorite song.
Add an instrumental version of another of your favorite songs You now have a mashup!


Create two separate mashups of two (2) songs that are 1:00-3:00 minutes in length.

Vocals Only

You can complete this assignment on your device with the Garageband App! 

Listen to past Music Tech I projects 


In this assignment you will be creating a 2:30 (2 minute and 30 seconds) song.  It is called "Your Choice" because if you want to make a Rap Song, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Jazz, etc - Its Your Choice! Want to switch from one genre to another during the 2:30 its Your Choice! 

Be creative and have fun!  You will have until end of class Friday October 6 to complete this assignment.



At least 15 music tracks - 5 of the 15 must be originally recorded by you using Software Tracks and Keyboard/Device.

You must show volume and pan changes. 

Sound Effects do NOT count towards the 15 music tracks.  These are in addition to and you are welcome to use as you see fit. 

Listen to the past projects on the MP3 player


Helpful Hints

Keep it interesting!  Change something every 8 beats

Use A-B-A Form
Edit loops to create your own! 

Hand your headphones to the person next to you and listen.

Feel free to experiment! Try something outside your musical comfort zone!  



Save File as: GB 2 and your initials.


Listen to Mashup Examples
Save as GB3 and your initials


Listen to the past "Your Choice" Assignments below. 
Do they keep your interest?
Is there one you like more than others









Go online and listen to the various TV, movie or historical speeches.
Make a new speech by taking words or phrases from the various speeches.
Clips you use cannot be longer than 10-15 seconds each
Flie Length 3:00 minutes or longer
Export final product as an MP3 




Are you using the Garageband App?

Music Technology I Assignments 

In Music Technology I you will be required to work independently and have time management skills with each project.

Topics include but not limited to:

Basics of a Sound System, Audio Effects, Garageband - Desktop and iOS, MIDI Sequencing, Audio Sequencing
Composing, Arranging , Podcasting, Remixing, Film Scoring & Live Performance using Technology (if time allows)

Click the Translate button to translate this website 

Export assignments as MP3 

1. Go to Share
2. Select Export song to disk
3 Name file, select desktop and MP3

4. Click on Export

5. MP3 file will appear on desktop



In Google How do I ? 

Access the Music Technology Google Drive
1. Log in
2. Click on Grid in upper right hand corner
3. Click on Drive icon

4. Click Shared with me. 
5. Select your Music Tech Period


Access Google Drive on my device
1. Go your device's app store
2. Download Google Drive App 
3. Log into App.

4. Access your Music Tech Period. 
ALL your files can be accessed on your device


Export movie as MP4

1. Go to file
2. Click Movie
3. Click Export Audio to Movie
4. Save


In Garageband how do I?
All completed assignments must be uploaded into the Google Drive.  
You will receive a "0" for assignments not uploaded into the Google Drive. 

Software Tracks
Add and delete tracks
Select a MIDI Patch (Instrument) for a track
Record on a Software Track
Split and Re Join.
Volume and Pan Envelope Changes 


Now you are going to learn some simple composing techniques to add to your knowledge of drum tracks and chord progressions (chord tree). Watch the video below and answer the questions. 

What is a Loop?  Apple Loops are prerecorded musical phrases or riffs in the Loop Browser that you can use to easily add drum beats, rhythm parts, and other sounds to a project. These loops contain musical patterns that can be repeated over and over, and can be extended to fill any amount of time.

After you watch the video experiment using the composing techniques from the video.


Assignment # 2 Composing Techniques
Create a 12 measure song
Must have a Drum Track
Must have a Chord Track - click here for chord tree
Must have a Bass Track - use bottom note of chords. 

Must have a Melody Track using one of the techniques from the video

Must Quantize
Must show Volume and Pan changes 


Why do people like certain styles of music?
Why does one song move one person but not another? 

Different Music will "move" different people. 

That's the beauty of music!


Listen to the entire video (Yes the entire video). As you are listening take notes for the questions below.  
You can not start and stop the Google Form.   
Suggestion:  Copy questions into a Google Doc, answer them as you listen.....then complete the Google Form when you are done listening. 

In this assignment you will select a 2 movie trailers of your choice and change the mood of it by using different music.  
You will create two (2) different assignments -  Each will be a different mood from your original movie trailer you selected.
For example:  If the trailer you selected originally was a horror movie change it to a comedy, romance movie, suspense, etc. 

1st Trailer can be ANY music you want. 
2nd Trailer MUST be originally composed music using loops, keyboard, Pad, etc 

At least 15 tracks - 5 of the 15 must be originally composed on the keyboard
Sound Effects are not included in the 15 tracks but can be used. 


Watch these recut trailers.  How does music change the meaning of the trailers? 
How Music can change a Movie - Watch these videos.  How does music change the movie? 
What are you thinking when you listen? 
Does this "move" you?
What do you think "move you" means?
Does fast music move you?
Does slow music move you? 

When we satisfy our desire to eat, to sleep, or reproduce, our brain releases dopamine--the "feel good" neurochemical involved when we experience pleasure and reward. Turns out this same chemical is released when listening to music. Jan 20, 2011 Psychology Today 

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