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In Music Technology I you will be required to work independently and have time management skills with each project.

Topics include but not limited to:

Basics of a Sound System, Audio Effects, MIDI Sequencing, Audio Sequencing
Composing, Arranging , Podcasting, Remixing, Film Scoring & Live Performance using Technology,


Soundtrack of Your Life

THS Alumni that found their passion after taking Music Technology

Assignment Timeline

November 16 - Brainstorm your list of life events
November 19 - Life events list completed/ Songs list started
November 23 - Reflection started

November 30 - Assignment Due

What needs to be handed in
1. Google Doc - CLICK TO OPEN FILE

2. Links of your songs embedded into Google Doc


Soundtrack of Your Life

The Soundtrack of Your Life
Music motivates us, calms us, inspires us, and at times, irritates us. You might think of it as the backdrop against which we live our lives. Songs can bring vivid memories of people, places, and events from our own past and serve to document our thoughts, feelings, and emotions at a given time or place. 


For this project, you will explore the major events in your own life through music. 


Part 1: Brainstorm Think about your life up until now. What major events have changed you, shaped you, influenced you, shook you? Are there times that were wildly happy or incredibly sad? What moments have made you shift in how you see the world? Or they might have seemed insignificant at the time-- like meeting your best friend or starting to play a sport. Only share what you feel comfortable sharing. While I am the only person that will read your paper.

Create a list of events that made a difference in your life. Between 8 to 10

Now brainstorm songs that might fit these events.

Part 2: Produce It Just like a music producer, try to create the sequence of your chosen songs. For example, your songs might be listed in the chronological order of the events they document, or they might be mixed together so that all of the slow songs are not back-to-back. DO NOT just list them randomly. Put some thought into the order of your songs and the complete package you are presenting. 

Track 1 Song Title: Artist or Group: 



Track 2 Song Title: Artist or Group: 

Track 3 Song Title: Artist or Group: 

Track 4 Song Title: Artist or Group: 

Track 5 Song Title: Artist or Group: 

Track 6 Song Title: Artist or Group: 

Track 7 Song Title: Artist or Group: 

Track 8 Song Title: Artist or Group: 


Happy Birthday

Part 3: Reflect 

Now that you have created the soundtrack to your life, reflect on why you chose the particular songs that you did. For each song, you will need to reflect on the experiences, people, places, and events that inspired this selection. Use the outline below and your brainstorm notes to help you construct this paper.
The questions are only listed to help you begin writing. You do not need to answer each and every question (or any of the questions) as long as you have sufficiently explained the topic of each section.

Explanation of each song on the soundtrack. 
This section is made up of many smaller paragraphs. Song by song be sure to explain: · What is the name of the song and the artist? ·
Why is each song important to you? ·
How does each song connect to your life? ·
What does each song reveal about the kind of person you are and what you think is important in your life? 


OR Create a Podcast of your soundtrack in Soundtrap!