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Sound Systems

Lab Rules

NO Food or Water in the lab.

Anyone found mistreating the equipment will be removed from the class

You must bring headphones to use in the class. No headphones will be provided

All work must be saved to your Network Folder

You must be able to work independently in this class

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What is the purpose of a Sound System?

The purpose of a Sound System is to reinforce the sound.  The sound system does not create the sound it just reinforces the signals passing through.

Parts of a Sound System

Sound System Defintions

Mixer - Central location of the sound system


Channel Strip - All you need to know is one because the rest are all the same




Gain -Individual channel volume



Pan - moves the sound left, right or center


Equalization EQ - Changes the frequencies of the sound 


Monitors - speakers that face the performer

Time Based Effects - Effects that change the length of the signal


Gain Based Effects- Effects make the signal louder or softer

Mains - speakers that face the audience

Why are we learning about Sound Systems?

The principles and parts of a sound system can be found in Garageband (Music Technology I) and Logic Pro X (Music Technology II). 

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