The Pride of Torrington  

As a sophomore, she was accepted to perform at the American High School Performance Series at Carnegie Hall under the conductorship of H. Robert Reynolds. Based on her audition, she was chosen as principal flute player. During her junior year, Bridget was a finalist in the Williams Chorale Bacardi Performing Arts Competition and also received the Hartt Community Division’s Winds, Brass & Percussion Honors Award. As a senior Bridget was a finalist in the Stamford Symphony Competition. She has taken part in the ARIA International Summer Academy, the Julius Baker Flute Masterclasses at Western Connecticut State University as well as in masterclasses with Paul Edmund Davies, Gary Schocker, Eugenia Zukerman, Rae Tattenbaum, and Rhonda Larson.

In 2013, Bridget was a winner of the National Flute Association’s Masterclass Performance Competition and performed “Zoom Tube” by Ian Clarke for Pierre Yves-Artaud, flute professor at the Paris Conservatory at the National Flute Convention in New Orleans. She was a finalist in Bard Conservatory’s Concerto Competition this past fall and has played principal in the orchestra’s 2014 Eastern European Tour and their 2016 Cuba Tour. She plans to pursue both her PhD in forensic clinical psychology and her love for contemporary music after she graduates.

Memories from THS Band

Most of the memories from high school that are closest to my heart are from being a member of the Torrington High School band. The THS band provided me with a warm community of friends, many of whom I consider family today, that made my high school experience unforgettable. Besides the innumerable amount of laughs and fun I had, I remember the enormous sense of pride and dedication I felt to be a part of such an amazing group. None of the magic of this program would exist, though, without the huge heart and passion of its leader, Mr. S. I have never met anyone in my life who would do and give up as much as he does for his students. I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of such a special group and I still miss it today. I will be eternally grateful for the lifelong friends and memories I have made from my time spent in the THS band.


I am an Interior Communications Electrician Second Class Petty Officer, which means I am an E-5, I was one of the youngest in the navy when I made this rank. I am surface warfare and aviation warfare qualified. I lead 15 sailors in the day to day operations onboard USS Bataan where I have searved for 3 years, been on its last deployment to 5th and 6th fleet area of operations which included places like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Dubai, Bahrain, and Jordan. I have also assisted as Bataan went through its major shipyard maintenance availibility which consisted of the ship coming out of the water and going on blocks and basically taking the ship apart, repairing the parts and putting it back together. since being out of the shipyards I have assisted in Bataan gaining its major qualifications such as Aviation certification so we can launch and recover aircraft, Light Off assessment which allows us to bring our main engines online and allow us to go underway, our Navigation assessment which also allows us to complete underways and many more. as an Interior communications electrician or IC as we call it, i am responsible for over 150 different systems onboard, consisting of phones, TV, CCTV, Flooding/fire/smoke/intrusion alarms, Salinity indicating systems, General announcing systems, Cathodic Protection (which protects the bottom of the ship from the corrosive properties of the salt water with an electromagnetic current) we also set up PA systems for any ceremonies and CO's calls that happen onboard. IC's are technicians so we troubleshoot and repair systems, we are the only job in the navy that work from the tipity top of the ship to the bottom of the hull. if you couldnt tell i absolutely love my job and am proud of what i do in the worlds finest Navy.

Brittany Brown Class of 2012