The Pride of Torrington  


    Brittany Brown Class of 2012

    I am an Interior Communications Electrician Second Class Petty Officer, which means I am an E-5, I was one of the youngest in the navy when I made this rank. I am surface warfare and aviation warfare qualified. I lead 15 sailors in the day to day operations onboard USS Bataan where I have searved for 3 years, been on its last deployment to 5th and 6th fleet area of operations which included places like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Dubai, Bahrain, and Jordan. I have also assisted as Bataan went through its major shipyard maintenance availibility which consisted of the ship coming out of the water and going on blocks and basically taking the ship apart, repairing the parts and putting it back together. since being out of the shipyards I have assisted in Bataan gaining its major qualifications such as Aviation certification so we can launch and recover aircraft, Light Off assessment which allows us to bring our main engines online and allow us to go underway, our Navigation assessment which also allows us to complete underways and many more. as an Interior communications electrician or IC as we call it, i am responsible for over 150 different systems onboard, consisting of phones, TV, CCTV, Flooding/fire/smoke/intrusion alarms, Salinity indicating systems, General announcing systems, Cathodic Protection (which protects the bottom of the ship from the corrosive properties of the salt water with an electromagnetic current) we also set up PA systems for any ceremonies and CO's calls that happen onboard. IC's are technicians so we troubleshoot and repair systems, we are the only job in the navy that work from the tipity top of the ship to the bottom of the hull. if you couldnt tell i absolutely love my job and am proud of what i do in the worlds finest Navy.



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